As enthusiasts we can all pretend that the monthly medal or winter league are just a bit of fun, but we all have the competitive edge, hence playing golf in the first place. A dry towel doesn't always cut it, however Caddies keep you clubs and ball clean throughout your round making sure than when it matters your equipment is ready for action.

  1. - Clean equipment whenever and wherever out on the course
  2. - Have a competitive advantage over your opponent
  3. - Always at hand... No searching for ball cleaners anymore

A PGA club professional is the main man when it comes to the operation at a golf course. It is a sunrise to sunset responsibility. Caddies can make the job a litlle easier when it comes to duties such as ground maintenance, clubhouse cleanliness and an efficient food & drink service. Caddies is also a great resale item for the club shop.

  1. - Increase revenue in the club shop by retailing Caddies
  2. - Encourage staff and players alike to do their bit for the course
  3. - Use Caddies in the clubhouse bar, changing facilities and more

Keeping your course well presented is the key to its success. From hole signage, tee and distance markers and flag sticks to course carts, the clubshop and the locker room. Everything at the club costs money and keeping your investments clean increases their longevity and ultimately saves the club money.

  1. - Caddies 72 ScrubTech is ideal to have on the course maintenance cart
  2. - Effortlessly clean signage, markers, flagsticks and more on the course
  3. - Great to use on dirty or oily hands after a day of maintenance

For a golf coach it's all about reputation for repeat custom. In a competitve business it's the little things that matter. A clean facility and 'good as new' equipment are paramount to keep the diary full. Caddies aren't going to make a new players game, that's up to the coach, but they can be one of those 'little things' that make a big difference.

  1. - Increase the lifespan of your expensive equipment
  2. - Have Caddies at hand for post lesson freshen up
  3. - Educate players about the importance of kit maintenance

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